Vehicle acceleration and performance online calculator

This online simulator is based on the vehicle model described in the article Vehicle acceleration and maximum speed modeling and simulation. The user can input different parameters and check the simulation results. The application remembers the previous simulation results and plots both set of data for direct comparison. Click the Simulate button below to get the first set of data. From the drop-down list select the physical parameter to be plotted.

Engine speed @ maximum torque [rpm]
Engine speed @ maximum power [rpm]
Gear ratios [-]Gearbox
Wheel static radius [m]
Driveline efficiency [-]
Wheel (tire) friction coefficient [-]
Rear axle load coefficient [-]
Vehicle mass (curb) [kg]
Driver mass [kg]
Aerodynamic drag coefficient [-]
Ambient air density [kg/m3]
Vehicle frontal area [m2]
Road slope [%]
Road load coefficient [-]
Engine speed points (full load) [rpm]
Engine static torque points (full load) [Nm]
Simulation time [s]

For more simulation tutorials click the links below.


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